Accept online payments in Magento 2.X (Support Magento 2.0 ~ 2.1.5) using the WeChat Payment Gateway. This extension provides deep integration and strict security with WeChat, Use WeChat Asynchronous Notification mechanism to ensure order status consistent and not lost. It has been carefully designed with Magento's best development practices to provide maximum robustness and compatibility with OneStepCheckout extensions.


  • Module development comply with the WeChat payment specifications.
  • Use WeChat asynchronous notification to ensure order status consistent.
  • Update order status with a security mechanism that query orders information from WeChat gateway firstly.
  • Through the comprehensive log function to locate the payment problem quickly.
  • No changes in magento core code.
  • Easy installation.
  • Provide assistance for installing module with no extra cost.
  • free upgrade and support.


Magento2 Wechat Payment Configuration

Magento2 Shopping Cart

Magento2 Shipping Address and Methods

Magento2 Payment Methods

Magento2 Wechat QRCode Page

Scan QRcode use Wechat App

Enter Wechat Payment Password

Wechat Pay Successfully

Redirect to Magento2 Success page Automatically

Order Status Changed to Proccessing

Screenshot of Magento 2.1 Wechat Payment(In-APP Wechat Payment)

Magento 2.1 Shopping Cart

Magento 2.1 Shipping Address and Methods

Magento 2.1 Payment Methods

Loadding Wechat Payment Form

Enter Wechat Payment Password

Wechat Pay Successfully

Redirect to Magento 2.1 Success Page Automatically

Order Status Change to Proccessing